• 11-year-old girl electrocuted while playing on inflatable raft

    An 11-year-old New Jersey girl was electrocuted as she played with her friends in a lagoon over the weekend, police said.

    The victim, identified by local reports as Kayla Matos of Newark, was swimming with her two friends and using an inflatable raft behind a home in Toms River, NJ, on Saturday when the night took a tragic turn.

    Two of the girls touched the metal rail to a boat lift, apparently sending an electric current through the equipment, causing the fatality, cops said.

    Kayla was visiting friends at a home on Tobago Avenue near Bermuda Drive when the 8:12 p.m. incident occurred.

    Emergency responders arrived within minutes of the 911 call and took over CPR on the girl that was started by adults at the home, cops said.

    Responders used an automated external defibrillator on the child before she was rushed to the Community Medical Center in Toms Rivers where she died later that evening, according to police.

    All of the children were wearing life jackets and were in the presence of adults at the time.

    The two other girls who were playing with Kayla were evaluated at the scene and determined to have not suffered any injuries.

    The Toms River Police Department is investigating the fatal incident.

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