• Track fire leaves 12 hurt, service on A, B, C, D lines disrupted

    A rush-hour subway fire Monday morning left 12 straphangers injured and several train lines scrambled by service shutdowns.

    Firefighters were investigating a track fire at the 145th St. station for the A, C, B, and D lines.

    Twelve passengers were being treated for minor injuries, according to police. Nine passengers were taken to nearby hospitals for evaluation, according to the fire department.

    Firefighters responded at about 7:24 a.m. to a trash fire on the tracks, a fire department official said. About 50 firefighters responded, dousing the fire by about 9:15 a.m.

    Firefighters were still investigating how the fire started, the department said.

    Express A train service was cut from Inwood-207th St. to 125th St., and the local C line was knocked out entirely for the morning rush hour.

    Hundreds can't get to work via the downtown 1 train after uptown A,C,D,B service totally shuts down. #SummerOfHell continues.

    The local B line was shut down and the express D train was cut between Norwood-205th St. and 125th St., officials said.

    Some D trains are stopping their trips at 36th St. in Brooklyn, W. 4th St.-Washington Sq. or 34th St-Herald Sq.

    Dozens of people crowded the streets near 145th St. and tweeted their disgust about their Monday morning commute.

    "Hundreds can't get to work via the downtown 1 train after uptown A,C,D,B service totally shuts down. #SummerOfHell continues," tweeted one frustrated straphanger, who shared a video of a subway platform crammed with commuters. 

    Canceled train service forced New Yorkers to seek alternate routes. Images shared on social media showed crowds of people waiting for buses outside the 145th Street subway station. 

    @c_pichardo @ydanis @JMartinezNYC This is the scene at 145th waiting for the M4 bus.

    The transit tangles came one week after MTA boss Joe Lhota admitted in a memo, "Our customers are right; we aren't very good right now."

    And Monday's trouble came less than a month after an A train derailment at the 125th Street station on June 27.

    Service resumed with extensive delays on the A,B, C and D lines at about 9:45 a.m., according to the MTA.

    There were 981 subway fires reported between May 2016 and April 2017, the most recent statistics available. That was 36 more blazes in the subway than the 945 fires during the prior 12-month period, according to MTA stats.

    Fires caused 844 train delays in April this year, an increase from the 689 trains delayed from fires in the subway system during April 2016.

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