• Cory Gardner tours highway flood repair work in Big Thompson Canyon

    In Washington, the reconstruction of U.S. 34 in the Big Thompson Canyon is defined as numbers on a page.

    A continuing resolution here, an emergency spending package there — each adding up to millions of dollars for the reconstruction of the connection between Loveland and Estes Park that was destroyed in many sections during the 2013 Front Range flood.

    On Friday, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner got to look firsthand at what that federal spending has been able to create: a road that is redesigned in some spots, reinforced in many others and restructured to ensure there will be at least one lane available for emergency use through the canyon should a flood of that magnitude happen again.

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    “Look at this,” Gardner said as he gestured toward the roadway in the lower section of the canyon. “Four years ago this happened — it’s remarkable to see. … The hard work that has taken place, things that people thought would take a decade that are about to be completed, that’s a credit to all the partners and dedicated public servants that have been a part of this recovery effort,” Gardner said.

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