• Toddlers pulled from rubble show destruction of war with ISIS

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    Toddlers pulled from rubble show destruction of war with ISIS

    With terror etched on his dirt-streaked face, this toddler was pulled out of the rubble in Mosul after the end of the ISIS reign of terror.

    Iraqi soldiers discovered the boy — who had been consuming raw meat to stay alive — after they killed one of the last jihadists in the city that served as the capital of their self-declared caliphate, The Sun reported.


    The youngster is among the “feral” children that the militants left to die after their parents perished in the Old City.

    Another child, Amina, was located by soldiers who heard cries coming from beneath the rubble, according to the site.

    She said her parents were “martyrs” — probably killed in one of the many suicide bomb attacks launched in the Iraqi city, the paper reported.

    “All the men were killed,” said Umm Hamoudi, 62, who fled the Midan district last week with 21 relatives, all women and children.

    Her husband, an ISIS member who was injured, was left to die after his fellow jihadists found him too heavy to carry off the battlefield, The Sun reported.

    Vigilantes have distributed leaflets threatening the families of vanquished militants and also tossed grenades at their homes.

    “Revenge is not a cure,” said Ali Iskander, the head of the Bartella district where the displaced residents gathered. “These families should undergo rehabilitation courses.”

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