• Vegas gunman liked ‘violent’ rape fantasies, prostitute says

    Las Vegas madman Stephen Paddock hired hookers to play out “violent” rape fantasies and bragged to the call girls about having “bad blood,” one of his high-priced prostitutes revealed.

    The prostitute, who did not give a name, said Paddock had a habit of hiring hookers on his frequent jaunts to Sin City, where he celebrated casino wins with ‘really aggressive and violent sex,” according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

    Sometimes, he paid the woman roughly $7,500 an encounter to play out rape fantasies, where he tied her up and instructed her to “scream” for help, she said.

    “He had a dark and twisted side. But even so, I could never have imagined he would do something like this,” the hooker told the paper, referring to Paddock’s shooting rampage last weekend that killed 58 and left nearly 500 more injured.

    He also droned on about wacky conspiracy theories — including the notion that 9/11 was in inside job by the US government — and bragged to the high-priced working girls that he inherited his psycho bank-robber father’s evil streak, she said.

    “I didn’t have anything really to do with him, but the bad streak is in my blood. I was born bad,” the mass-killer wrote in a text to the call girl, according to The Sun.

    The 27-year-old prostitute said she saw Paddock, 64, about nine times between November 2015 and June 2016 when he traveled to Vegas without longtime live-in girlfriend Marilou Danley.

    Paddock was spotted with a different hooker in the days leading up to his Sunday night massacre. She was not an accomplice in the slaughter, they said.

    It was previously revealed that he sent Danley on a trip to her native Philippines — and wired her $100,000 to buy a house — while he planned and executed the mass-killing.

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