• CEO receives ‘serious threats’ after criticizing Puerto Rican government

    A Harvard-educated CEO who railed against Puerto Rican government officials for their “inept” response to Hurricane Maria has received so many threats that he now fears for his safety and has hired a bodyguard.

    In an opinion piece published in The Post last week, Puerto Rican businessman Jorge Rodriguez said he was directing employees at his international engineering firm to help rehabilitate the island — but barring them from working on any projects that involved local government officials, citing corruption and mismanagement.

    “After the article went viral, I got some serious threats,” said Rodriguez, 49, who would not elaborate.

    “I don’t go to public places by myself anymore because of the hate mail,” said Rodriguez. “Now I have to look over my shoulder and get protection.”

    Rodriguez heads up PACIV, a company that works with the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. After the storm hit the island on Sept. 20, Rodriguez said he immediately dispatched 50 of his own engineers to help Federal Emergency Management Agency officials, but refuses to work with local authorities.

    Rodriguez said he has also received many “supportive” e-mails from business leaders .

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