• Woman wakes up to find intruder watching her sleep: cops

    Authorities in suburban Atlanta are looking for a bizarre intruder who crawled into a woman’s bedroom Thursday while she slept and told her to “go back to sleep” when she found him inside.

    Dekalb County Police told FOX 5 the man crawled through a window into the woman’s home around 6 a.m. and sat on the floor with his back to her.

    When she woke up and asked what he was doing, the man told her to “go back to sleep.”

    “I woke up to my daughter screaming… she screamed there was a man in her room,” Leona Word told FOX 5 Atlanta. Word lives with her 22-year-old daughter.

    The man never touched the woman; he went back out the window and fled, according to police.

    “He invaded our space and our privacy and made us feel victimized,” Word told Fox 5.

    Police said the woman couldn’t get a good description of the man, only describing him as having an accent and twists in his hair.

    Dekalb police said as of now the man is wanted on charges of trespassing.

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