• Coffee ‘specialists’ to launch new café in Brooklyn

    Now that the Gowanus Canal is on the road to getting cleaned up, the ghastly smell coming off the waterway may be replaced . . . with roasting coffee.

    Abbotsford Road Coffee Specialists headquarters and café is launching in a 2,700-square-foot space at 573 Sackett St. in Brooklyn.

    The shop comes from Australian coffee entrepreneur Phil Di Bella, of Di Bella Coffee, and will include the coffee maker’s headquarters, a large industrial loft with floor-to- ceiling windows that offer a view of its roasting plant.

    The café will have around 40 seats. Food on offer will include cakes, croissants, baguettes, paninis, avocado toast and bagels. The coffee bar features drip coffee, two espresso machines, local baked goods and will include three initial blends: Forza, full bodied and strong with hints of dark chocolate, hazelnut and caramel; Crema, balanced and smooth with hints of butterscotch, malt and nuts; and Vivo, fruity and sweet with hints of cherry, honey and toffee.

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