• Scientists discover how to make humans dream while they’re wide awake

    If you’ve ever tried out a virtual reality headset, you will understand the disarming sensation of pulling the headset from your eyes once it’s game over.

    It’s incredibly easy to trick your mind into feeling sensations like fear, panic or even total calm and now — according to scientists in London — dreaming.

    Scientists are beavering away at methods that can coax the brain into changing its perception of what’s real.

    A group of scientists in London are putting volunteers into a dream state even though they are awake.

    Carl Smith, director of the Learning Technology Research Center (LTRC) in London told IFLScience that they have been successful in the process, called “context engineering.”

    They can do this using a method called binaural beats, where a tone of a particular frequency is played into one ear and a different tone of another frequency is played into the other.

    The brain tries to regulate the sound and creates a third tone that balances the two by creating an equal frequency.

    Focusing on this third tone, a method called “delta entrainment,” allows people to drop into a dream state – without going to sleep.

    Smith said:”When people want to go into a dream state they can do a 15-minute delta entrainment so their brain actually goes into the delta state, a sleep state, even though they’re not sleeping – and that’s just through listening to binaural sounds.”

    It’s not just for inducing different levels of consciousness, these methods can help us regulate sleep patterns, calm us down and help us focus, they claim.

    There are a variety of exercises you can perform to train your brain into focusing on senses we typically ignore.

    This includes concentrating on your peripheral vision to gain a sense of calm, something athletes are adopting to focus their mind.

    It’s part of a subculture called biohacking, which has gained notoriety among amateur scientists.

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