• It's not 'too soon' to do something about mass shootings. It's too late.

    If I’m ever killed in a mass shooting, please politicize my death. Avenge me with common sense gun laws. Memorialize me with universal background checks. Put my name on the bill that bans military-grade assault weapons. Let my legacy be debated by pundits and satirized by late night hosts.

    Establish an endowment fund in my memory to research the public health crisis of mass shootings. Let that investment income enable positive change year after year, shooting after senseless shooting, until gun violence ceases to exist.

    Ensure that this legislation that bears my name is comprehensive with considerations for mental health care and suicide prevention.

    Educate our populace to denounce hate in all its forms so that we might learn to value our shared humanity.

    Advocate until all elected leaders can tell the National Rifle Association, “Your money's no good here. The price of human lives is too great.”

    And for everyone who cries, “Too soon,” tell them it’s not soon enough.

    But don’t wait until it’s me.

    God forbid any human with a beating heart is killed in a mass shooting — in Parkland or Vegas or Orlando or Aurora or Newtown or Chicago or whichever town is next to join this most tragic, twisted, traumatized list. Advocate for them.

    Honor our dead with action because their ability to practice any of their constitutional rights has been violently, mercilessly and permanently removed.

    — Allison Beebe, Chicago

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