• It isn't safe to walk — or drive — Chicago's streets

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel is working hard to encourage the perception that he’s tackling the recent increase in carjackings. He’s supporting legislation in Springfield that he says will solve the problem — despite the fact the bill in question doesn’t directly address carjacking.

    I wonder if he’s read the recent Tribune article about the uptick in pedestrian deaths, particularly in the context of Tribune reporting last year about the precipitous decline in traffic enforcement by the Chicago Police Department.

    CPD explains the drop in distracted driving enforcement by pointing to a 2015 change in state law. And indeed, the city is being sued for not allowing those accused of distracted driving to be heard in the correct court. One would think addressing the problem in state law would be at the forefront of the mayor’s agenda.

    Dangerous driving is killing and injuring hundreds of the users of our city’s streets each year. Chicago deserves a mayor who works toward policies that promote public safety over those that enhance his public image.

    — John Andrews, Chicago

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