• Melania Trump will meet with tech giants including Facebook and Google to talk cyberbullying

    First lady Melania Trump plans to convene tech giants includingAmazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Snap next week to discuss ways to combat online harassment and promote Internet safety, according to four people familiar with her efforts.

    The meeting at the White House, slated for March 20, marks the first major policy push in the first lady’s long-ago announced campaign to combat cyberbullying. At the gathering, Trump plans to ask top policy executives from tech giants to detail how they’ve sought to address digital ills plaguing Web users, such as the rise of online trolls and the spread of malicious content, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss her efforts on record.

    But the people said they don’t expect the first lady to unveil any specific policy proposals to combat cyberbullying — a phrase her team has sought to avoid, instead opting to focus on the need for kindness online.

    A spokeswoman for the first lady did not respond to an email seeking comment Tuesday.

    In recent months, companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have faced criticism for allowing the spread of hate, harassment, conspiracy theories and other toxic content on their platforms. After the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., for example, videos attacking the victims proliferated wildly on YouTube, aided by algorithms that surface similar videos on a loop.

    Others fault President Trump for contributing to the lack of civility online, particularly through his tweets attacking opponents. Some of his most popular tweets in 2017 — garnering hundreds of thousands of replies, likes or retweets among his roughly 49 million followers — involved rhetorical broadsides aimed at North Korea and CNN.

    of Marjory Stoneman Douglas HighSchool, Trump spoke about the need for more civility online and the importance of “positive habits with social media and technology.”

    Along with representatives from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Snap and Twitter, at the first lady's meeting will be top aides from Microsoft and the Internet Association, a lobbying organization for Silicon Valley, as well as consumer groups, the people said. Each of these companies did not respond to emails seeking comment or declined to comment Tuesday.

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