• Johansen tight-lipped on Anti-Corruption Commission ultimatum

    Sierra Leone FA (SLFA) president Isha Johansen has refused to comment on an ultimatum for her to vacate her post.

    The country's Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has ordered Johansen and SLFA secretary general Christopher Kamara to leave their posts by 19 September.

    The pair face corruption charges, which they deny, and the ACC says they must be suspended in line with national rules until their case in court reaches a conclusion.

    "I have been informed of the ACC's letter but prefer to decline to comment," Johansen told BBC Sport.

    "The political discord and fragmented breakaway football factions have spanned close to five years. The core reasons for these disputes have over the years become an all too familiar subject of discussion."

    Both Johansen and Kamara have always denied the allegations of corruption.

    ACC commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala has warned of tough action if the SLFA officials fail to comply with his orders in his letter to Minister of Sport Ibrahim Nyelenkeh.

    "If your ministry doesn't take the necessary steps required within seven days of receipt of this gentle reminder to you on the need to uphold the law, we shall proceed to open investigations against her for abuse of office," said the ACC commissioner in a letter to the minister and copied to both Johansen and Kamara.

    by the SLFA Executive Committee but world football's governing body Fifa refused to recognise the decision and continues to work with her.

    She was recalled to the Executive Committee few months ago.

    aimed at ending the problems within the SLFA.

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