• Ford: 1,000 Bridgend jobs could be lost by 2021

    About 1,000 jobs are under threat at a Ford plant in south Wales.

    The car giant is looking to shake up its European operations, with their site in Bridgend set to be the hardest hit over the next two years.

    If plans go ahead, the Bridgend jobs - more than half of the site's workforce - will go in two phases by 2021, as part of 1,150 losses across the UK.

    Ford declined to confirm the figures and said it was currently consulting with unions.

    It said these talks were ahead of it implementing a "comprehensive transformation strategy".

    The Bridgend site produces engines for Ford motor vehicles and employs about 1,700 people in total.

    The 1,000 losses would come alongside 150 in Ford's transport operations, which would affect lorry drivers.

    On Thursday, the company said it would be speeding up plans to cut structural costs and thousands of jobs would go across Europe.

    "We are taking decisive action to transform the Ford business in Europe," said group vice president for Europe Steven Armstrong.

    "We will invest in the vehicles, services, segments and markets that best support a long-term sustainably profitable business, creating value for all our stakeholders and delivering emotive vehicles to our customers."

    The announcement from Ford came on the same day as Jaguar Land Rover said it was axing 4,500 jobs and Honda said it was halting production for six days after Brexit.

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