• Pakistan prepares draft of Gwadar Master Plan

    ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan has prepared the draft of Gwadar Master Plan and envisaged an area of 310.62 square kilometer of land for the utilisation of city development including residential areas.Total planned area envisaged for development purpose stands at 1201.15 square kilometers under Gwadar Master Plan as it has been divided into three main areas including development area, restricted area and remaining other usage of area.For development of city totaling 310.6sqkm, around 103 square kilometer will be allocated for residential purposes. Out of total area for city development, around 33 percent will be utilised for residential purposes.The remaining area of 890 square kilometer has been divided into both restricted areas including 42.77 square kilometer for the purpose of military land on which different facilities will be constructed.After getting approval on this proposed draft plan from the competent forum within next two months period, the existing ban on launching new schemes of real estate will be lifted by the authorities concerned.Currently the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) had slapped ban for issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) till the approval of the Gwadar Master Plan with the purpose that all development of housing societies and others could be aligned in the light of the master plan.According to draft for Gwadar Master Plan which explains that total planning area of the city proposed at 1201.15 square kilometer out of which 25.86 percent or 310.62 square kilometer will be comprised of city development.FREE TRADE ZONEThe remaining land of approximately 890 square kilometer will be treated as restricted area including allocated land of 42.77 square kilometer for military. For development of Gwadar city that will be comprised of 310.62 sq.km, the master plan proposed 64.52 square kilometer for the establishment of industrial area, 4.67 sq km for establishment of warehouses and logistics facilities. In a bid to establish Free Trade Zone at Gwadar, the master plan proposed 13.19 square kilometers as Gwadar Oil City will also be part of this special economic zone. The business and commercial land under the proposed master plan will stand at 19.2sqkm and there will be 11.86sqkm land to be earmarked for establishing administrative facilities of Gwadar city as it will be made smart city envisaging all latest technologies and infrastructure up to standard of any international city.The Master Plan has envisaged allocation of 22.51sqkm for establishment of recreation and entertainment related facilities in the city. For transport purpose, the earmarked area envisaged at 53.07sqkm under this ambitious master plan for Gwadar.Meanwhile, Chief Justice Justice Saqib Nisar has termed the Orange Line Train project a gift for the people of Lahore and ordered contractors to finish work by given dates. He praised the multi-billion rupee project, and said he would love to travel in the train after its inauguration.

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