• Wrexham chicken shed plans for 100,000 birds approved

    Proposals to build two large chicken sheds housing up to 100,000 birds have been approved on appeal.

    Wrexham Council turned down plans to build two poultry sheds to breed birds for meat at Mulsford Farm in Sarn.

    However, a planning inspector appointed by the Welsh Government has overturned their decision.

    Councillors voted against the plans in July 2018 following concerns about the impact on the environment.

    The owners of the farm near the Cheshire border launched an appeal in November and claimed that moving into poultry production was "essential" to their business.

    After visiting the site, planning inspector Richard Jenkins granted permission to applicant DJ Huxley Farms.

    In his decision notice Mr Jenkins said the buildings had been designed in a way that would "minimise their visual impact".

    "Concerns relating to pollution, and in particular odour, noise and river pollution, would be effectively controlled via environmental permit regulations," he added.

    He said he had not seen anything to suggest the plan would cause significant congestion or "generate levels of noise and disturbance that would render the scheme unacceptable".

    Mr Jenkins said concerns about the effect on nearby properties and local tourism "remain largely unsubstantiated".

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