• US piles pressure on Venezuela… but remains mute on Haiti anti-govt unrest

    Thousands of people demonstrated in the Haitian capital, demanding that President Jovenel Moise step down. Protesters, who engaged in bloody skirmishes with police in which at least four people were killed, also vented their anger at economic hardships, embezzlement and widespread corruption.

    Just across the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela is facing an anti-government crisis as well, but this is where the similarities end. The Venezuelan government has been sanctioned by the US, its opposition is backed and recognized by the West and elected President Nicolas Maduro is portrayed as a politician with tyrannical traits.

    Haiti, for its part, didn’t have the honor to be mentioned by US policymakers in recent days. The State Department has only warned American travelers to think twice before going to the crisis-ravaged country.

    Back in 2017, however, Washington hailed Haitian election, saying “inauguration of a democratically-elected president allows Haiti to return to democratic and constitutional rule.” That election wasn’t a model of democracy as voter turnout was only 21 percent, and every tenth ballot sheet was discarded.

    Notably, Moise positioned himself as a big fan of Donald Trump, hailing Trump’s entrepreneurial talents and suggesting they have much in common.

    RT’s Ilya Petrenko weighed in on the striking differences between two ‘similar’ situations.

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