• Victims screamed for help as gunman live-streamed attack on NZ mosque, gruesome video shows

    At least 49 people were killed and around 20 wounded during attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Police detained four people in connection with the rampage, one of whom was charged with murder.

    One of the shooters used a small GoPro camera to livestream his attack on Facebook. The social network promptly took down the 17-minute video after being alerted by police. The clips have subsequently resurfaced on social media.

    We can’t post the video due to its extremely graphic nature and because the New Zealand government and police discouraged everyone from publishing it. “We should not share, spread, or actively engage in that message of hate,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

    The chilling POV-style footage begins with a man casually driving his car, while music is playing on the radio. The gunman, who identified himself on social media and in his anti-Muslim ‘manifesto’ as 28-year-old Australian-born Brenton Tarrant, briefly turns the camera to show his face and says “Hello, lads,” as he greets the viewers.

    He proceeds to drive along before parking the vehicle near the mosque. At least four different pieces of firearms are seen in the car. Taking one of the weapons, the man exits the vehicle to open the trunk, revealing two more firearms inside. Two tanks with unknown liquid and several coverings with the New Zealand ‘silver fern’ flag – one of the unofficial symbols of the country – emblazoned on them are also seen.

    Going inside the mosque through the front entrance, the gunman silently walks from room to room shooting everyone he encounters. Worshippers desperately try to flee and hide from the shooter, while dozens of bodies are seen lying on the floor.

    The man fires in bursts and reloads his weapon several times during the rampage. The gun he uses is equipped with a bright flashlight and what appears to be tactical sight. All of his weapons were riddled with inscriptions of neo-Nazi symbols and slogans, as well as multiple references to wars and battles Crusaders and European generals waged against Muslims.

    At some point, the gunman fires at bodies lying motionlessly on the floor, and rushes to the exit. As he sprints out of the building, he notices a young woman running away, and shoots her several times. The woman yells, “Help me” as she lies wounded on the sidewalk near the mosque. The gunman approaches, shooting her in the back and in the head.

    The man then puts the weapon back in the trunk of the vehicle and begins driving away. He laughs a few times, pulls out a shotgun, and starts firing at other vehicles and bystanders through the windshield and the side window.

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