• Blackouts in Venezuela are ‘diversion’ orchestrated from overseas – Moscow

    In order to cause “a diversion,” foreign actors hit the nation’s key power stations which “had equipment manufactured in Canada,” Maria Zakharova explained, adding that the perpetrators were well aware of “all the algorithms and weak spots” of Venezuela’s power grid.

    The official claimed that attacks on vital infrastructure are often being employed by the West in “hybrid wars.”

    Venezuela began suffering from nationwide blackouts last week. President Nicolas Maduro labelled the outages “sabotage” orchestrated by the US. He said that several “saboteurs” have been apprehended while trying to tamper with the power grid. He earlier accused Washington of plotting a coup against him, among other alleged subversive activities.

    The US imposed new sanctions on Caracas and openly backed opposition leader Juan Guaido who declared himself ‘interim president’ of the nation. Maduro denounced Guaido’s move, vowing to defend Venezuelan sovereignty against any outside pressure.

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